Today Is All We Have

Today is all we have, tomorrow is a mirage that may never become reality. – Louis L’Amour

Our perception of reality is shaped by our individual experiences and aspirations. As we navigate the time and space of our lives, our perceptions of the present moment can by distorted by imagining the future.

Diane Bush, JK Russ, Katrina Bello, Raquel Bell, Norma Jean Ortega, Olivia Jane Huffman, Ryan Lytle, Zihui Song, Wade Schuster, Jeffrey Augustine Songco, Kate Truisi, Jung min, Wendy Chambers, Mary Sabo, Erin Stellmon, Cristal Tadeo, Jennifer Henry, Eric Vozzola, Jennifer Kleven, Shinto Imai, Lance Smith, Homero Hidalgo, Karin Quindo Miller, and Lorry Stone

Curated by Holly Lay and Mikayla Whitmore.